Why did I get this notice package?
According to Hyundai records, you bought or leased a Class Vehicle in the United States, excluding the territories, or abroad while on active military duty.

What is this lawsuit about?
Plaintiffs’ Perspective: The lawsuit alleged that Hyundai made and sold vehicles with a defective Dual-Clutch Transmission,DCT that can cause, among other issues, shuddering, stalling, delayed acceleration, and power loss
(“DCT-Related Symptoms”) in a Class Vehicle.
Hyundai’s Perspective: Hyundai contends that it already initiated a recall campaign for delayed acceleration issues with the dual clutch transmission in certain 2016 Tucson vehicles. With updated engine control software, that Tucson issue has been resolved. With software updates also available for other Class Vehicles, the few, slight, and largely subjective complaints regarding the operative driving smoothness of the other Class Vehicles’ transmissions have similarly been addressed.
Hyundai has an interest in its customers’ satisfaction, believes that greater awareness of its software updates will increase customer satisfaction, and has therefore agreed to the settlement benefits listed in the notice.

Which Hyundai vehicles are included?
In this settlement, Class Vehicle means any of the following vehicles that came factory-equipped with a DCT: 2015 to 2017 model year Sonata Eco vehicles, 2016-2017 model year Tucson vehicles, and 2016-2017 model year Veloster vehicles.

What can I get from the settlement?

  • Payment in form of a Debit Card Mastercard or Hyundai Dealer Service Card
  • Compensation for past expenses
  • Compensation for Lost Value on Trade-In or Sale
  • Compensation to Troubleshoot, Diagnose or Repair DCT Related Symptoms

What is the difference between objecting and excluding?
Objecting is simply telling the Court that you don’t like something about the settlement. You can object only if you stay in the Class. Excluding yourself is telling the Court that you do not want to be part of the Class and the settlement. If you exclude yourself, you have no basis to object because the case no longer affects you.

What happens if I do nothing at all?
If you do nothing, you will receive the Informational Brochure, but you’ll get no money from this
settlement. But, unless you exclude yourself, you won’t be able to start a lawsuit, continue with a lawsuit, or be part of any other lawsuit against Hyundai about the legal issues in this case, ever again.

Do I have a lawyer in this case?
The Court asked Mark A. Ozzello and Tarek H. Zohdy of the law firm Capstone Law APC and Troy L. Isaacson and Norberto J. Cisneros of the law firm Maddox | Isaacson | Cisneros LLP to
represent you and other Class members. Together, the lawyers are called Class Counsel. You will not be charged for these lawyers. If you want to be represented by your own lawyer, you may hire one at your own expense.

How do I get more information?
You can call 866.944.7620 toll free with questions about the settlement, request a claim form, or to check on the status of your claim.